Interior Commercial Construction Can Protect Nashville Market Businesses from COVID

Successfully reopening organizations in the Nashville market requires business leaders to reimagine workplace safety in the age of COVID. As stay at home orders give way and companies work diligently to restore profitable productivity, facilities will have to change to meet OSHA recommendations.

Entrepreneurs, CEOs, and other decision-makers who promptly enlist the services of a qualified general contractor can position their companies to enjoy the benefits of a robust economy once again. At DWC, our team of experienced construction professionals has delivered interior commercial construction needs to meet changing times. These are interior renovations that can help your operation adapt, overcome, and succeed.

Install Partitions To Minimize Contact

Although COVID posed an informational as well as a health crisis, we learned that the contagion could travel from person to person. That risk can be minimized in facilities by erecting temporary or permanent partitions. Our Carpenters Plus division can quickly complete this type of interior commercial work that allows you to separate delivery personnel, visitors, and departments.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration recommends that people do not share workstations, keyboards, devices, equipment, and follow 6-foot social distancing protocols. Partitions securely minimize potential contact and improve workplace safety.

Install Automated Entryways

There has been a great deal of conflicting information about how long COVID can linger on hard surfaces. But regardless of the scientific data, it’s in every business leader’s best interest to minimize the need for repeated human contact. By replacing doors with convention knobs and handles to more favorable keycard-operated and sensor-driven automation, your valued team members will no longer need to make physical contact. This upgrade increases COVID safety and improves your business infrastructure as well.

Create A Workstation Separation Strategy

Many of our Nashville supermarkets and convenience stores deftly installed see-through panels to ensure employee safety while remaining open for business. The underlying reason for these panels is that the contagion can go airborne when people cough and sneeze. Industry leaders would be wise to adopt this type of protection in office spaces as well.

Plexiglass separators can eliminate the risk of one employee accidentally infecting others. This sturdy, transparent material also maintains previously open layout visibility. If you are one of the companies that lagged behind in replacing claustrophobic cubicles walls with see-through materials, it may be cost-effective to upgrade now while making other interior commercial renovations.

Install Open Space Hand Sanitizing Stations

Responsible business owners are hard at work developing deep-cleaning strategies to protect employees from contracting the contagion from hard surfaces. Removing some of these previously convenient surfaces will eliminate some of the risks. But handwashing remains an employee traffic issue.

The vast majority of facilities offer shared bathrooms for people to wash their hands. Having everyone cram into open-use bathrooms causes a human bottleneck and increases the likelihood of the virus spreading. Given the concern about contact, it may be fruitful to install multiple hand sanitizing stations throughout the facility. This provides an open area where visitors, in-house team members, management, and clients can feel more comfortable.

Not only does installing these stations improve safety, but they also send a message you have everyone’s best interest in mind. The value of your reputation as a leader cannot be understated.

Contact Leading Interior Commercial Construction Firm in Nashville Market

As one of the leading general contractors in the greater Nashville area, DWC has provided diligent and cost-effective interior commercial renovation services for nearly 75 years. During that time, we’ve earned a long-standing reputation for working closely with industry professionals to keep pace with evolving workspace needs.

The current health crisis requires thought leadership and strategic construction to make your space safe and secure for our valued community members. If you are considering interior commercial renovations, contact DWC, and schedule a consultation today.

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