DWC’s Commitment to Safety Keeps Us and You
Safe From COVID-19

It’s only natural to wonder what work will be like in a post-COVID-19 world. Our whole team at DWC Construction takes your safety and well-being as seriously as we do our own. We’ve seen a lot of changes in interior design in our 70-year history, but few of them have affected so many aspects of work and life as the COVID-19 pandemic.

As an essential business, we’ve continued work throughout the coronavirus crisis, and as with all other aspects of our business, we’ve incorporated all OSHA and CDC worksite safety protocols to keep you and your business safe. Our COVID-19 preparedness and response plan will ensure that you, your workforce, and our workforce will stay safe and well.

Here are some of the primary steps we’re taking that have helped us to continue to work safely throughout the COVID-19 shut-down:

Temperature monitoring

Everyone entering a job site has to have their temperature taken. They’ll review and sign a personal checklist and self-declaration. This rule includes workers along with owners, inspectors, architects, and visitors. No one with a temperature over 100° F / 37.7° C will be allowed onsite. It’s important to take everyone’s temperature when they enter the jobsite because of how coronavirus spreads.

Maintaining social distancing, wearing masks, and the reasons why

As research continues, it’s become clear that most people are catching the illness through close contact with people who have the disease. The amount of time you’re exposed to someone who is ill with coronavirus influences your risk of catching it, along with distance and enclosure.

According to Memorial Hermann Hospital system in Texas, you have no risk of catching coronavirus if you’re outside and walk by someone who has the disease. But with increased time around someone with COVID-19, especially in an enclosed space, your risk of catching it will increase.

Because our work involves enclosed, interior spaces, DWC Construction has added safety protocols that reflect the Surgeon General’s instruction to “assume you have COVID-19 and so does everyone you see.” That’s the underlying reason for “social distancing,” and the reason why we ask everyone to wear face masks and stay six feet apart.

Safe work in tandem, no tool-sharing

If our workforce needs to work in tandem, they must wear gloves and a mask. We’re not sharing tools, and no more than two people are allowed on an elevator at a one time.

Continuing to work safely now and into the future

Everyone is wondering what the future of our workspaces will look like and be like as our states and communities begin to ease COVID-19 restrictions. There’s no question that the disease has caused us all to think differently about how we live and work together.

DWC has always been committed to safety and efficiency. The skills we have applied to all of our bids and jobs throughout our history have helped us develop our effective rules and procedures for protecting against COVID-19. We’ve been able to work safely as an essential business in the COVID-19 crisis and we fully intend to continue these safety procedures to protect our workforce, worksites, and our valued customers in the future.

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