How CarpentersPlus can help your clients
with small construction needs

Not many of us in Nashville are likely to forget 2020 anytime soon. The year wasn’t under way for long when an F4 tornado hit along with COVID-19. Then came the holidays and the devastating downtown bombing. We’re all looking forward to a peaceful and productive new year full of opportunities.

With many locations here in Nashville that are half-occupied or waiting for a return to work once the COVID-19 vaccine takes effect, there’s a lot of opportunity to take care of smaller projects that could have been put on the back burner. This is where CarpentersPlus® comes in.

Refresh and Refurbish With CarpentersPlus®

Have you been thinking about putting up partitions or reconfiguring part of your office? This is an ideal job for CarpentersPlus®. This is a quick project and we’ve already put up many partitions, helping offices to re-open or stay open with safety precautions.

If you’ve been thinking about rearranging your interior space to make it safer while keeping an efficient flow in your office or other commercial space, this is another way DWC Construction’s CarpentersPlus® division can help. Think about partnering with us to get some of refurbish or refresh projects finished quickly and effectively.

Complete Needed Repairs Before the Restart

If you’ve got a space that’s only partially occupied, now is the time to take care of repairs you may have been postponing. It could be a leak, stairway repair, or some quick exterior repairs and touch-ups. You won’t have to worry about scheduling the way you would if everything was operating at full capacity and full occupancy.

You may also be considering upgrading some interior areas, like kitchen, lunchroom, or restroom facilities that have been closed during the COVID crisis. DWC Construction and CarpentersPlus® have been working throughout the crisis on cost-effective, quick, and effective ways to create safer workplaces.

Try a New Workspace Configuration

We’ve already written about ideas for the post-COVID office. As just one example, desks have been shrinking over the decades as the equipment people need to do their work has been downsizing. As a result, some businesses took the approach of downsizing their overall office space as well. For health reasons, we all need to reconsider the size of office areas and desk and other arrangements. Reconfiguring workspaces quickly and effectively is a CarpentersPlus® specialty: we’ve got lots of experience.

If you’re feeling like your office is a little closed-up, an open floor plan is another option. As long as you’ve got enough space for social distancing, the feeling of an open office can make your office interior much more welcoming and productive.

Refresh your look and your outlook

Keeping things clean is a priority and having them look great is another added plus. Older surfaces don’t just tend to look a little downbeat or less-fresh than newer ones, some older materials are harder to clean than newer ones. CarpentersPlus® can help with paint, refreshed surfaces, or changes of color and texture that go beyond a simple coat of white paint. Using newer, easy-to-clean and sanitize surfaces or hardware at touch points (including touch-free solutions for doors and cabinets) could be the right choice to start 2021.

Another option can be simple to install tech, like motion sensors and light sensors that can turn on lights or faucets.

According to top urban planners and office designers, if there was any time to think outside of the box, now is the time. If you’re involved in an office or commercial interior or exterior rehab or refresh, CarpentersPlus® can handle the majority of work, including carpentry, finishing, and electrical work, quickly and easily. If you’re considering a new project that’s more in-depth and need a general contractor, we here at DWC Construction and CarpentersPlus® are ready to help you get started.

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